I guess I'm a slow learner. I didn't realize how valuable the ISIS process is until I found myself automatically using it to unpack the issues in a big upcoming decision. (Of course, it helped that my coach nudged me in that direction!) It's like learning a language - it seems stiff until you (1) get more practiced and fluent, and (2)
see what benefit there is to using it, no matter how imperfectly.

Thanks, Mike, for pioneering, teaching and promoting this tool.

Roz King
Managing Director
In Your Corner Coaching & Consulting Services
Subject: Re: The offer is ready; are you?
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 13:56:41 EDT

Dear Mike,

I am definitely ready!  After starting off in 1CoachPlus, buying your book, participating in many of your programs (Developmentalist, Resilience, etc) and currently immersed in the B/Coach training program, I am honored to be a part of the growth of B/Coach and your vision.

The B/Coach process has been instrumental in my personal development and has provided me with the tools to successfully work with my clients.  Now, I'm working on monetizing my ideas, diversifying my income sources and freeing up my time in order to be able to make a difference in the world.  Thank you for this!  I'm doing the work but you provided the structure, format, wealth of ideas and information which made it all possible.

Good luck!

All the best,

Ideal Life Coaching
Helping you answer:
"What's Your Ideal Life?"tm
As I told you in Toronto, I have been studying the field ever since I married into a family business over 30 years ago.  I graduated from college and came out of my Masters Program with Family Systems as my theory of choice.  In my graduate program I directed all of my work on working with Family Business's from a system's perspective.  When I graduated from my Master's program I still did not feel that I could enter a family business system and not unknowingly "do no harm," so I continued searching by becoming certified in mediation, studying facilitation, becoming certified in drug and alcohol, etc. etc.  It was this coaching program that brought it all together for me.  It will teach you to stay out of the client's way, listen for their meaning making system, and be a catalyst for them to challenge their assumptions and beliefs and move out of the box that is limiting their performance, movement, etc.  I continue to work on my skills as a coach by attending the programs advanced training's. I am presently in Master Business Coach and Resilience.  

If you should have any questions I would be happy to answer them either by email or phone.  Good luck in your endeavor.  The field needs professionals who understand and practice the multi-disciplinary approach.  

Mary Pat Mueller

605-734-6210 (tel.)


Just got a $13,000 six-month contract to coach an upper-level executive in one of the large national insurance companies! Thanks for all the great training - it has been truly invaluable! And I've gotten my tuition back multiple times over - a great ROI.

All my best,

The Productivity Guy!
Direct: 858-756-3577


"I chose B\Coach Systems Coach Training System because I wanted to supplement what I already knew with some of his business background and systems coaching methodologies. I had already been using cognitive therapy to help people grow and found it useful in transitioning from psychotherapy into coaching. The surprising thing was that as I began to incorporate this business coaching style into my own, even my long-term psychotherapy clients began to profit. 

I found that they were making progress and insights at a quicker rate, and our sessions were more productive and focused. The B\Coach System integrates business, philosophy, psychology, coaching, economic and the latest trends in today's world as it affects all working adults. The founder is a future thinker. His B-Coach Systems is the best advanced coach training around. Not only are the courses delivered in practical ways, over a relatively short period of time, but they are accelerated and intelligent. 

They are definitely not for the slow thinker or the beginner. I have taken many other courses through other schools, and this one's the only one where I felt like I learned something new at each session. I particularly benefited from the role-play coaching sessions. The instructors are not afraid to give feedback that is useful and right on target. I highly recommend it for professionals who already know a lot about coaching: this will take you to the next level. You can't afford not to learn this B-Coach System methodology!"

Patsi Krakoff, Psy.D

B\Coach Systems can help turn around a company and person in very short period of time.  The founder's use of knowledge, techniques, wit, and sincerity are traits found only with exceptional coaches in the business arena.

Bill Harvey, MS, Ret. Col. US Army

Just wanted to let you know I have been applying what we have been discussing via phone conference calls and on-line with those on my staff and am happy to say I am seeing changes happening before my eyes. Just imagine that :) Thanks again to both of you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this great program.

Barbara Hayden, Executive Director

I just got offered a position as the Director of Sales Training for xxx company...starting salary $131K. I had to turn it down because they want me to relocate. They said they were very impressed with my resume and all the ongoing training that I've invested in myself. Also the fact that I've grown my career with B\Coach.

Beverly Post, VP Sales & Marketing

The CoachMBA program has provided me with additional tools to talk about and market the business services that Person Ability Inc. provides in the community. Mike Jay provides a weekly forum that addresses business strategies that enhances a coaches capability in maneuvering and understanding the current and future needs of business. He shares and highlights the readings and conference teachings of leading gurus in the business world. This encourages and creates an environment for a practicing coach to watch business trends. It allows a coach to be more effective in dealing with both small and large businesses. I have utilized these tools to move to another level in my coaching practice. Kudo's to the CoachMBAprogram.

Marcia Boehm, ACSW, BCD, CBC

I am particularly grateful for the journey you have joined with me; I am particularly grateful for the opportunity to lay out all of the distortions and old stories I have told myself and continue to tell myself under conditions of stress or desperation. I am particularly grateful for how this journey has already connected me to strength and integrity and appreciation within myself.

Russ Volckmann, Ph.D.

I have found the B\Coach Training program to be very informative and beneficial. My original goal when I joined the program was to find out about standards and best practices for business coaches. I met this goal. In fact, the B\Coach training program has exceeded my expectations. The program provided me with valuable experience working in a virtual environment with people from all over the US and Canada. I have enhanced my management and communication skills. The B-Coach model is practical and effective. The program emphasizes the use of assessments and other tools to measure bottom-line results.

The classes utilized best practices in adult learning methods by applying practical application to the subject matter. For example, in a typical B\Coach class, I would access and review the class material prior to the session. The leader would discuss the material and facilitate a dialogue on the topic. The class would break away into various virtual rooms and conduct role plays with an emphasis on the new lesson. After that, the class would meet together again and share lessons learned from their role play experiences.

I would recommend the B\Coach Training System to anyone who wants to excel in business today by enhancing their skills in working with other people.

Carla Gracen, MEd,  Business Analyst Team Leader and Business Coach

Hi Mike,

Thought you might like some feedback at this, the end of the first semester:

This week's session has really shifted things big time for me. I re-listened to the tape and gleaned a lot from it, specifically, the point about clarifying and leveraging MY style instead of trying to copy someone else. A lot of people pay lip service to this; in B\Coach we actually DO IT. As a result, I've felt empowered and have stepped up my frequency of interactions with people on many levels, engaging them, but with no intention of "making the sale". It's been wonderfully fun and rewarding and I now see the connection, the relationship between accessing what I love ... relationship building, interaction... and ultimate results that will accrue. People's response has been favorable, and I can only surmise it's because I'm in my authenticity, being myself. Most of all, that sense of failure, not being enough or not being right, is lifting and instead I'm experiencing joy, flow and forward movement.

You have been a terrific role model for me; the way you respond and continually strengthen relationships with those of us in the class - it's very clear to me that there isn't some hidden motive; rather you're clear about your intention and acting out of a principle of engagement. It's also very clear and is a distinctive feature of your coaching, that you choose to provide this "extra" level of support, because it works. And when you're unavailable, that's also clear and I can make the accommodation because I trust you and I trust the process (though I miss you!)

B\Coach is exceeding my expectations on many levels, levels I didn't even know about! (under-promise and over-deliver - it's happening!)


Joyce Baker, CBC

Within 30 days of signing up for B\Coach I increased my client base by twenty clients and went from $500 in income per month to $10,000. This program is rich in value with respect to content regarding coaching, leadership, marketing and creating a community of high integrity colleagues and resources.

Just a quick note to give you my feedback on BCDS.  I was quite the cynic (I have high standards) and had been researching several coaching programs before I was referred to B\Coach by a friend of mine who is brilliant (and happens to have a PHD).  She told me this was the best program she had ever been through and highly recommended it to me.  I signed up, but was still a skeptic.  Fast forward four months and here's my feedback:

This program has exceeded my expectations on all measures: 

1) my revenue went from $500.00 per month to $9,000.00 this month and still counting  This occurred in about four months and  is directly attributed to B\Coach

2)  I have received unbelievable coaching as part of this program that models what we learn in class 

3) The content is very rich and I have been using the content for my own teleclass to develop 16 leaders for a client (quite lucrative) 

4) We are exposed to new and cutting edge technology on a weekly basis 

5) My coaching skills/competence has increased dramatically as evidenced by the e-mails, phone calls and direct comments from my clients both in their wins and in their verbal expression of appreciation for the work we do together 

6)  I referred two people in the last class who have each sent me two e-mails thanking me for encouraging them to take the leap and join the class, plus they have both called to thank me profusely for suggested they get involved in the class. 

7) I have never seen generosity and abundance modeled so purely, as by the leader of this program Mike Jay

Kelli McCauley, MK Performance Group 

B Coach is a graduate level program that takes place over a six month period. Truly an engagement that brings forth all of one's resourcefulness accelerating the possibility of renewing ones mind.

As a result of my B-Coach experience, I feel totally prepared to engage with others in a healthy response to the new economy. In fact, I find myself well equipped to help shape it.

When I first started out I was shaping myself to conform to someone else's agenda; through B-Coach, my purpose has come alive and all the gifts that were most natural for me have come forward into my coaching practice. I am so vital now and can take action at will on purpose.

Mike Jay is one of those life experiences I would never have wanted to miss. He doesn't want to duplicate himself--you join a learning community evolving your business while taking the lead in the new economy.

Mike Jay and B-Coach provides a lens to look through into the business world. Your lead through coaching is honed and you find yourself equipped to coach others to assume their leadership role as well. Business reality simply becomes an opportunity to shape something powerful for yourself and your clients.

I am filled with gratitude and know that the energy we are tapping into is in line with what Bergson called the "elan vitale". The vital energy is alive and well.

Thanks Mike and Thank You Mel. . . .

Galen Griswold

B-coach is not only a journey of deeper learning and understanding, but a journey of self awareness, purpose, competence and well being.

Liz Peterson

Finding B\Coach was like finding an oasis in the desert for me. It provided a needed link between a place of uncertainty in my professional life and my new focus: a career coach training school modeled after the B\Coach program. Thank you Mike for your vision and support!

Marcia Bench, CMP

B-Coach has added professional clarity, confidence and a supportive, learning community. This, and new tools helped me launch a successful consultancy doing what I love.

Ellen Moran, Ph.D.

Prior to joining B\Coach, I had already completed some other recognized coaches training and had been coaching for some time. I felt I desired additional work in some of the areas B\Coach addresses, so I joined B\Coach specifically to target a corporate / business clientele, and to create a thriving practice.

What I've observed since completing B\Coach just this past week is a profound leap in both my coaching abilities and confidence. My coaching is much more efficient and I have become skilled at assisting the client to identify the lynchpin issue(s). My business is in a high growth curve, and this week alone I have experienced dramatic, break-thru sessions with clients, using the methods I've learned in B\Coach. THANK YOU!

The methodology works, and I'm amazed at B\Coach's accomplishment both in creating a system with such a high level of sophistication AND in being able to teach, model, and reinforce it for the students in such an effective and profound way. B\Coaches Rule!

Joyce Baker, CBC


I just want to say how much B-Coach has meant to me. In all my years of education and training, I can not remember a time when I have learned as much so quickly as I have from your program. The quantity and quality of the ideas and perspectives you bring to each class session is almost overwhelming especially with your intensity and passion. But your
commitment to each person's learning and development is always evident, even as you constantly challenge us to stretch beyond our comfort zones.

The intellectual sophistication of your models and approach to coaching is itself a competitive advantage. And when combined with your focus on business reality and developing increased emotional intelligence your masterful coaching has challenged me to grow constantly. But as you continually point out, the key to coaching effectiveness is in the practice and the many opportunities to actually practice coaching have been an equally beneficial part of your program. Your most effective modeling of what you teach and the B-Coach program have constantly challenged me to learn, grow and develop intellectually, emotionally and behaviorally in these past six months in a way that has been most meaningful to me.

As I think about it, I count you among the most influential people in my life. Thank you most sincerely for being a most outstanding model of effectiveness as a teacher and coach.

Jim Clarkson


Just returned from a conference in Toronto, Canada for Professionals who work with Family Business's (Family Firm Institute). I have been involved in a family business for over 30 years. During those years I have studied the field, gotten a Masters Degree that concentrated on family systems and working with family business's, gotten trained in mediation, become a drug and alcohol counselor, and taken loads of classes on facilitation and process consulting. My challenge in becoming involved in working with these families was number 1, doing no harm and number 2, assisting them in finding their own answers (not being the white knight consultant). It was the B/coach program that has energized me to take on this challenge. At this conference, I heard your philosophy at every turn (values, strategic planning, clarity, right people, real time, etc. etc.).

During the course of the conference people asked me how I became involved in this field and I talked about the B/coach program and found that people were very interested in what I had to say.

Why, yesterday morning I already had emails from people wanting to know more about my company. One request was from a large law firm in New York. And, one of the leading pioneers in the field of family business's has agreed to be my mentors in this field (The Aspen Family Business Group).

Anyway, thank you for your vision, your perseverance and your dedication to us.

Mary Pat Mueller