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Professional coaching is the most rewarding discipline that you will ever imagine. Working with people from around the world the past 19 years has been the highlight of my life...and it can be yours as well.

Business Coaching is about representing a difference you can make in people's lives by bringing yourself clearly into focus by interacting with others.

If you're a person that is intrigued by the world of coaching, or someone looking for coaching credentials that entitle you to practice at the top of your field, then you'll want to get our free mini-course on professional coaching. In this mini-course, I tell you about our COACH2 System of Personal, Business and Executive Coaching.

In my COACH2 Mini-Course, I reveal secrets of how to approach coaching through a developmental framework which improves capability in problem-making and solving--FAST!  There is NO obligation, just enter your name, email, and phone number to receive the course.

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"Get more clients, create multiple streams of revenue and enjoy your life & business..."

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“Why I Quit Coaching For A Big Name Speaker and Became So Disillusioned With Coaching I Almost Quit Forever…

…Until I Discovered This Amazing System!”

From: Mari Smith

Re: COACH2 Developmental Coach Training

Dear Fellow Coach,

Yes, it’s true. I was a Success Coach for a big name speaker for two-and-a-half years. Prior to that, I was a Relationship Coach for several years.

But, I could never understand why some of my clients – whom I’d been working with for up to two years – were hardly making any progress. They were still just as broke, just as single, just as disorganized, just as stuck.

WHY??? I figured it had to be something I wasn’t doing right.

Finally, after becoming so disillusioned with these lack of results, I quit coaching altogether.

And then, a friend introduced me to Mike Jay – Master Developmental Coach and Founder of B\Coach Systems LLC.

AHA!!! I got it! I was doing what 90% of coaches do: prescriptive coaching. I gave advice, I told my clients what to do, I tried to hold them accountable, they came to me for the answers, we’d coach for up to an hour and I’d keep piling on my suggestions.

But this system is almost always not actionable. Not only that, this is NOT coaching – it’s CONSULTING!!!

So, what’s this amazing system? It’s developmental coaching!! The emphasis is on developing the capability of the client. And the coach gets the heck out of the way. Now THAT is effective!

FINALLY, I’ve found a remarkably effective, true coaching system that profoundly impacts both the coach and the person being coached. And the cool thing? Coaching is done in 5-7 MINUTE sessions! Imagine that!

Mike Jay combines his own unique system of developmental coaching – called COACH2 – with an array of highly validated assessments.

This distinct system helps us answer the age old question, “WHO AM I?”  Both you and your clients will understand yourselves at an incredibly deep level, your strengths, your attributes, your desires and what motivates you.

This is not about “find your flaws and fix them.” This is about how to identify all your wonderful attributes, own them with pride, free up excess energy (that you’ve been using on your ‘weaknesses’) and become way more RESILIENT. Both as an individual AND as a community.

Does this interest you?

3 or 6-Month CoachCertified™ Business Coach Training Program Which Includes 13 weeks of  Personal Coaching.

Includes your very own coach for three months and a business training program you can sell with a license when you graduate!

Next Program Dates

A Structured Step by Step Business Coaching System that sells YOU to clients over and over again!

Are You Nothing More Than a Consultant?

Most coach training is nothing more than repackaged problem solving used by consulting. Let's face it, the world doesn't need more people to "tell other people what to do" and then to pick up behind them like their mothers.

Over the years, I've grown frustrated with the coaching industry as it has plunged itself into nothing more than a battle for fixing people, advising people and "mothering" people. Quite frankly, I gave that up years ago and created a methodology that builds capability, NOT CO-DEPENDENCY!

In the remaining information, I've gathered some testimonials about the program as videos and I encourage you to listen to what people say about their experience with our coaching program.

I just wanted to thank you for this course and all it has opened up for me - not only in future potential but in personal growth and awareness.

I hope in the future that I can contribute to the extent that you do - and especially after this class, I get how vital that is. Something stirs!!!!

Thanks again


Now, along with our innovative Business Coaching System called CoachCertified™, we've completed the first package for business coaches that really makes your life easier and more profitable as a coach. Not only, do you have a great front-end you can offer to your clients in terms of building behavioral competencies that many people in business so desperately need, but you learn how to build capability through developmental coaching on the back-end with a powerful business coaching methodology called COACH2.

STOP listening to all those coach training firms that say it's all about the person being coached and then turn around and teach you how to manipulate and influence clients how to change their behavior!

"People have a right to be who they are," stated Clare W. Graves

Respect people and allow them to learn in ways that are beneficial to them, not YOU!

My B\Coach training experience offered me a quantum leap forward in my understanding of implementing change, in myself as well as the organizations I work in. The insights on people’s ability to transform is vital to the best way to leverage change. The specific tools in working with clients are already paying off in clearer, more action-oriented communications. Thanks for a tremendous learning experience.

Bob S.


Too many coaches are being trained in consulting, advising, counseling and fixing--many crossing the boundaries into therapy without even being licensed. These coaches, instead of being trained to listen, observe, discern, model and deliver only when it's necessary with Dynamic Inquiry, are busy "getting in the way" of the client's learning and growth.

While I've got nothing against personal one-to-one consulting, there is a difference between telling people what to do, overtly or covertly, and calling it coaching, instead of what it is--consulting.

It's time to stand up for a difference in coaching and take your skills to an entirely different level of awareness and mastery.

Coaching is not teaching, teaching is teaching and requires special training and significant experience. Teaching people without proper training and context doesn't work anyway according to research outlined by Chris Argyris in Flawed Advice and the Management Trap, a book written in 2000.

In our program, you'll work through the model with other participants, learning 3 core competencies: Connection, Clarification and Commitment. Along with practicing those competencies in class with other participants in real live coaching sessions, you'll learn the Coaching Interaction Model: Identifying Openings, Generating Possibility, Developing Plans, Previewing Outcomes and surfacing a Commitment to RightACTION™.


Get a free module here

When you emerge from this program after your 3 months of action learning, you'll understand how to listen, observe, discern, model and deliver your coaching in a much more appreciative, respectful and capability-producing manner. Not only will you have learned WHO you are and what you bring to the world, you'll have a GRIP on what has you, instead of projecting those idiosyncrasies onto your clients.

Hi Mike,
Who could have known at the beginning of 2005 that by year end I would have embarked on this voyage? And it all began with feeling so pulled to join B\Coach that I could not ignore it!
Thank you for creating that attractor force field!! I am so happy I obeyed the inner biddings! It has been 'a slice'! (definitely NOT THIN)
Thanks again, Mike for all you do
With deep regard and hugs,


Here's the bottom line.

Don't Pay for the new fad training which has you buying a "coaching practicum" as a part to add to your coach training.

We've been including coaching practice in our training because MOST of the rest of the industry hasn't woke up to the fact that you don't learn to be a coach through the neo-cortex, but through the limbic system! The ONLY way to learn coaching is through practice, modeling and feedback and we've been doing that every week since 1998! We've recorded more than 200 hours of demonstration coaching, feedback and practice that's already included in the training fee--and what's more, we'll record new sessions all the way through the program as you experience "action learning" on your own.

Don't be fooled by the Johnny come lately programs trying to impress you with their "new" training. The reason our training works is because it is firmly grounded in theory and practice of all the wisdom works, plus the new science of quantum mechanics, and affective neuroscience.

If you've always wanted to learn a business coaching program for less than a $1000 dollars...in six months, then this program may be your opportunity to differentiate yourself with our CoachCertified System.

We've experienced a breakthrough in our methodology. This strategy focused developmental coaching system works in life, business and in organizations to create conversations around what really matters to people, business and networks!



Thank you for B-Coach! I was a member of the Quebec City (2004) retreat. I've attached an article that ran in Crain's Detroit Magazine for the educational and membership arm of Excellerate Associates called The C Club. We use the techniques in B-Coach and the membership is growing! The C Club has helped its members reclaim, reshape and renew their life after cancer.

Thank you for continuing your mission of B-Coach. It has also allowed me to help others help themselves.

I just wanted you personally to know the greater impact your program is having…

Warmest Regards,

Lisa Mininni
President of Excellerate Associates
Founder of The C Club, for cancer conquerors


7 Key Aspects of this Offer!


  Value Add


In business today, if your programs are not affordable then you're off the radar.  What has to happen is for you to find a way to create the third win without mortgaging the farm!  Here's why this program is affordable:

You don't have to pay the entire amount upfront a 1 yr pay plan  is available

We'll bill you in 11 recurring payments. An incredible way to make coaching and coach training AFFORDABLE!

Two programs in one: Coaching & Training; the online coaching ALONE is worth the fee per month and when you graduate you can sell it to clients!

This program works!

Here's what graduates say:


The B\Coach Coach2 program has exceeded my expectations.  In addition to the "coach training" that I contracted for, I have unexpectedly benefited from a tremendous increase in clarity, confidence and courage.  I continue to benefit from Mike Jay's knowledge, dedication and generosity.  Mike is a brilliant, well studied individual with the gift to inspire those who have had the fortune of crossing his path.

Mike thanks for the opportunity to meet and mingle with the people I have come to know over the phone in the past six months.  Thank you for your vote of confidence and your dedication in being a truly inspiring teacher and leader!

Anita Caputo, CMA
Inspiring Your Success

Read dozens of testimonials here


Experience has been our teacher!

We're just completing the 32nd iteration of our program in 7 years and have discovered some incredible results in terms of how the training we deliver over the telephone to people all around the globe is working to create higher levels of performance, change and transformation.

If you EVER wanted to work with an expert in business and coaching, this is your chance to be on the Leading Edge.  Work directly with people who've completed the program and are studying at the master level with Master Business Coach the founder of the program [Mike has more than 10,000 hours of client experience, coaching since 1988!]


Here's what you'll get for the small investment:

3 months of teledevelopment training over the phone for 4 hours a week

3 months of online coaching along with the program each week

The opportunity to license the program and sell it when you graduate

Hundreds of hours of audio training, exclusive for community members only

A FREE membership to 1CoachPLUS.com 

A Complete Online System of Business you can use with your clients.

A way to start making money almost immediately once you get into the program with coaching

Graduate with the ultimate B\Coach Experience, the video coaching retreat

This program is orienting new participants now.

Classes will be delivered at 2 different times during the week, so regardless of any time zone you are in, you will have access to a class that suits your current situation: [New York Time]

You may attend any class and you may attend as much as you wish, there is no limit, so if you want to learn it in depth, you may attend more  classes per week.


You'll walk away from this program with:

a Step-by-Step Guide to guiding performance, change and transformation with people, business and organizations
a Specific System for addressing organizational alignment though coaching
written materials to use in your own training and coaching approach
a system you can license to teach organizations how to manage more productively
an experience with your OWN coaching that helps you *ROCKET* yourself forward

an opportunity to work with a MASTERMIND and learn group coaching...

and much more!


Complete your assignments and GRADUATE FROM THIS PROGRAM in SIX MONTHs and apply your training to CERTIFICATION as a Business Coach!

This certification will notify others that you have formal training,
experience and are results-oriented and strategy focused!

BUSINESS NEEDS Strategy Focused Results!


Join these and MANY OTHER programs as your time permits for FREE with this offer ONLY!

  21 Day Challenge Programs

Health & Wellness
ONLINE Marketing
Learning MAPS

Free Ecommerce and Database Marketing

Internet Product Development and Sales Systems



Now, if you're not interested in coaching people to higher levels of performance, then this program won't be for you.

However, there has never been a system so integrated and powerful as the system we'll show you how to use. It doesn't matter whether you are a consultant, a coach, an organizational developer, a psychologist, an accountant or out of work!

This system will give you a specific method you can introduce to create revenue and profits from the moment you get through the first month of the program. We'll show you specifically how we've used this program in companies from a Mom and Pop Shop to Fortune 10 with managers, executives, and supervisors.

This scalable program will get you moving in days--as it will your clients!

This is not a program where you have to struggle on your own, no more than the clients you serve want to be shown a website and given the keys! We will hold your hand and work with you in MASTERMIND groups all the way through the programs.

You'll be paired with people who want to go to the same place you're wanting to go and our matching system with assessments will *model* how to create the opportunities YOU want in your life and practice.

Attendance at a retreat is required for graduation from the core program. There is an additional Retreat Fee of $499 for the retreat which includes video work, Leadership Engagement Survey 360 and materials. Travel, meals, hotel and expenses are not included. Graduation is required for certification.


Mike, what if this program is not for me?

Ok, I don't want anyone to think that you can't get your money back. Give me one month--just 30 days to prove I know what I'm talking about and if at the end of that 30 days, you see it's not for you, then I'll cheerfully refund your money less a $249 application fee and we'll part friends!

In other words, NO RISK, just some time on your part!

When the program is over, you'll walk away a different person with a proven step-by-step system to address ANY personal, business or organizational issue with the knowledge and support from this *proven* system.

  here for $997

HOW can I make this incredible offer?

This program is about *wellth*...mine, yours and your clients!

Hope you'll join us, it will be a great experience!


Mike R. Jay, Master Business Coach

Call us for free a consultation: 877-901-COACH

Don't decide now, just click here, enter your credit card number and give us a chance for just 30 days.  If we don't live up to everything we've promised, I'll give you your money back for the program and YOU KEEP THE 1 COACH PLUS Membership!

Click here if you need more info to decide.

PS: This program is a great way to engage business, entrepreneurs and organizations with a proven way to improve productivity.

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Please feel free to pass this offer onto others. If you find three others, YOUR tuition is FREE, just sign up as a team or ask them to mark *your name* where it asks, "where they heard about this" to collect your free tuition! We'll be watching for you!







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